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Claim Medicare rebates for Point of Care Testing today!

mLabs is an innovative system developed by POCD that integrates point of care analysers with clinical software and facilitates payments for INR, HbA1c, biochemistry, lipid, blood count and other common tests within general practice.

Using mLabs ensures that your practice meets the quality standards required by Medicare in order to claim from the pathology items table of the MBS. All aspects of the implementation, endorsement procedure and operations are fully assisted by mLabs, cost free.

mLabs’s Benefits


mLabs is underpinned by truly unique technology. Designed over the course of 3 years to integrate analysers, clinical software and meet accreditation requirements, it is the simplest way to become endorsed as a Category M (Medical) laboratory, with a minimum of administrative burden.


Our staff take care of the set-up, provide training, assist with the endorsement process and consult on day-to-day management, so implementation is easy. There is no simpler way to enable Medicare rebates for Point of Care Testing within general practice.


Operating an mLab means using the latest analysers in conjunction with an approved quality system, designed to provide assurance that your test results are precise and accurate. Backed by the support of our expert staff, there's no more second guessing — start testing with confidence today.