mLabs Features
mLabs enables your practice to claim Medicare rebates for Point of Care Testing with ease

Truely Unique

We’ve created the only system available that allows general practice to claim Medicare rebates for testing at the Point of Care. Our software integrates analysers and your clinical package, whilst simultaneously ensuring that all laboratory accreditation requirements are met, so your practice can can claim Medicare item numbers from the pathology services table. We provide all of the necessary training, set-up, assistance and ongoing consultation to enable Category M status, for free!

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Point of Care Testing

We all value our time. Now, using the mLabs system, patients and clinicians can experience all the benefits of immediate Point of Care Testing. From patient management to critical issues, you're now in the position to make timely and educated clinical decisions.

Financial Management

Live financial statements provide an up-to-date view of your economic performance and remuneration. Reports are updated 24/7 and include full breakdowns of all tests performed, facilitating a transparent view of your mLabs profits.

Continual Improvement

Every mLab is underpinned by the same quality standards and software, meaning that new advancements propagate to everyone and deliver immediate benefits. This is core to our principle of continual improvement — so the service only gets better over time.

Automated Management

Life shouldn't be complicated, which is why we built mLabs to be managed with the minimum of fuss! No more hassles worrying about what needs to be done. Automatic reminders ensure that all of the key tasks necessary to operate your mLab are performed on time.

Accurate Results

To be eligible for Medicare rebates all mLabs meet the same performance criteria as major laboratories throughout the world. Participation in external Quality Assurance Programs means you're assured that the results you deliver are precise and accurate, every time.

Leading Technology

Only the latest and best point of care analysers that are gold standards in their discipline are selected for use within mLabs. There is no set-up cost for the instruments, which are chosen based on their precise analysis, fast test times and ease of operation.


Easy-to-use Software

An intuitive user interface is used to control all of the tasks required to operate your mLab. Create test requests, run quality controls, generate reports and order stock with ease. An experience designed around the user, instead of technology.

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Off-Site Cloud Storage

The mLabs system is designed to store all information securely on our dedicated servers. All data is encrypted for communications and used in accordance with RACGP eHealth and the Australian Guidelines on Privacy in the Private Health Sector. Best of all, this means no hassle having to administer computer and security systems in-house.

Clinical Package Synchronisation

The mLabs system automatically synchronises with all major clinical packages. Testing a patient who is a health card holder? No problem — our software knows, and automatically assigns the relevant item numbers. When a test is completed the results is automatically added to the patients file and the doctor is notified, allowing them to make an immediate decision on what to do next.

Regular Software Updates

The mLabs software development team is continually working on implementing improvements in work flow to make operating your point of care testing equipment and laboratory a breeze. If there is a way to make things easier for you, we're on the case!

Secure Data Centre

mLabs servers are hosted by Macquarie Telecom, who comply with the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 which governs information security. This ensures firewalls, intrusion detection, security patching, antivirus protection and continuous monitoring of the operating system are all handled with the strictest policies in place.

Full Support

Our team provides complete assistance in the management of your mLab. From set-up to daily operations, we share our best practice approach to ensure Medicare requirements are met with the minimum of hassle. And if you’re ever stuck our staff will get you back on track quickly.

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Training & Competency

All mLabs are provided with a comprehensive training package which meets industry standard best practice. We provide one-to-one training, textbooks, online competency modules and more. Easily learn everything you need to know on how to run an mLab!

Immediate Assistance

Any issues that arise can be reported through the mLabs software for handling by our expert staff, ensuring that you get the problem solved and documented with the minimum of hassle. The mLabs team is here to help!


Quality Assured

The mLabs system is underpinned by a quality assurance system that aligns to the international standard ISO 15189, which provides best practice for quality and competence when operating a medical laboratory.

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A Paperless System

We provide a template of the necessary policies and procedures aligned with how a medical practice is operated. Everything is put in place upon installation, full orientation is provided and best of all, everything is stored digitally so there is no paperwork to worry about.

Automatic Reports

The mLabs software has been designed to automatically generate all of the records and reports required to achieve accreditation and archive them in the background — leaving you get on with treating patients.