Chronic Disease Management

The AfinionTM AS100 analyser not only provides fast analysis of HbA1c, microalbuminurea (ACR), lipids and C-reactive protein test results, but also improves patient satisfaction by reducing waiting time. The perfect complement to ensure your patients chronic disease cycle of care is always completed.

Truly Accurate INR Results

The Coag-SenseTM is the first PT/INR system to directly detect clot formation, representing a breakthrough in PT/INR testing design simplicity! By directly detecting the clot, the Coag-Sense analyser avoids the challenges that plague other systems that use secondary means of clot detection like monitoring changes in impedance or pressure.

Coag-Sense's patented micro mechanical detection system delivers superb precision and reliability. Professionals testing with the Coag-Sense system have demonstrated CV's of 2.5 %. Unlike electrochemical detection based devices, the Coag-Sense does not rely on the concentration of blood constituents not involved in clot formation to produce results. This improves precision and reduces variability in readings often seen in other systems.
Coag-Sense INR analyser

Coag-Sense INR analyser

Sofia Immunoassay Analyser

The Sofia is a small bench-top analyser used by central laboratories in Australia. It delivers rapid, highly accurate and reliable results for influenza A & B, strep A, RSV and hCG. The Sofia is an advanced fluorescence detector with ultraviolet LED that features an optical sensor which scans and collects hundreds of data points on the test strip energy source.

Results are available from only 1 minute of analysis time, allowing for rapid diagnosis and treatment.

Easy and rapid haematology tests

The Icon analyser performs a 3 part differential blood count in just 1 minute and can report WBC, LYM, MID, GRA, HGB, RBC, HCT, MCV, RDWcv, RDWsd, MCH, MCHC, PLT, MPV, PCT, PDWcv, PDWsd, P-LCR% and P- LCC. The system uses traditional haematology analysis methods delivering results with high precision, but requires only a drop of blood — 10 µL — from a finger stick or venous sample.

Clinical Chemistry Analysis

The Samsung LABGEOPT10* clinical biochemistry analyser is capable of testing for AST, ALT, GGT, GLU, CREA, CHOL, TG, HDL and LDL in a single test.

The device features an intuitive, user-friendly interface which facilitates convenience and makes it a pleasure to use.

The small sample volume of capillary or whole blood makes testing with the LABGEOPT10 convenient, whilst the rapid performance and multiple test parameters have made it a perfect compliment to the other testing platforms integrated with mLabs.